Reasons to Check 4D Past Results

If you asked from the people, they will told you that they are playing lotteries like 4D just for fun purpose while this is true but playing 4D lottery or any other type of lottery like ToTo and Magnum is not really all about fun but the attractive prizes.

Yes, the winners of 4D lottery could win big prizes if their predicted lucky number got selected in the lucky draw.

Predicting lottery number is the most difficult part in any type of lottery and this is not really easy specially if you don’t know how to predict 4D lottery number and what techniques should be used to forecast lottery number.

If you asked from an expert who is playing 4D lottery since many months, then he may suggest you different ways to predict your lottery number which includes, generate lottery number on the bases of random number tool, use lucky number to predict a lottery number and simply pick a lottery number which you believe has more chances to win. But these are not the only ways to predict 4D lottery number.

The most common way which gamblers in Malaysia used to predict lottery number is to check 4D past results.

Unlike other ways of predicting 4D lucky number, 4D past result (Da Ma Cai past result) totally rely on logic where other ways of predicting lottery numbers rely on luck only.

That’s why people rely on 4D past results, ToTo 4D result history and Da Ma Cai past result to predict lottery number and this is one of the main reason to check Malaysia 4D past results even if you have not purchased lottery number for the contest.

But predicting a lottery number is not always depend on past results of the lottery.

magnum 4d past resultsFor some people due to some reason, they simply ignore who lottery numbers which has been won already in past where some people believe that a number which has been selected as winner in past has more chances to get selects.

If you asked me about my choice, I will say that 4D past results works for me in both way. Instead of totally relying on a already winning lottery number or totally ignoring it for the future prediction. I would better use 4D past result to predict a new number by mixing a winning number with my lucky number if it is less than 4 numbers.

Indeed, checking 4D past result help many gamblers including me to predict lucky number but this is not the only reason for checking 4D past results. For example, Magnum 4D past results, ToTo 4D result history and Damacai past result.

toto 4d past resultFor a newbie and those who has not won 4D lottery number can use 4D past results, ToTo 4D result history and Da Ma Cai past result to understand that how does draw works and on what bases a number got selected for winning prize.

For example if a number like 7468 already won one time and a number like 7238 also recently won, its mean that the numbers near in 70s series has more chanced to win in future as well.

You can always check the Malaysia major 4D past results such as Magnum 4D past results, ToTo 4D result history and Damacai past result online at