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Play Blackjack Online in Malaysia

Any list of top ten table games must have the black jack contending among the first on the list. It is a very popular game played by many people online and lives in Malaysia casinos and all over the world.


It is an easy and engaging game to play. A game can be played by as many as seven people; they all individually play against the dealer. The aim is to get your cards to a value as close to 21 as possible but it should be higher than the dealer’s card value. A player wins the game if their cards sum up to 21 higher than all the other players and the dealer inclusive. Note this- your card value must not be more than 21 or else the bet will be lost.

Card Values

To get the best out of this game, it is important that you understand the different values for the cards. The face cards which consists of the King, Queen and Jack are all valued at 10. The face value of the cards is the total value of the dealers hand and the players hand added together. The values of all other cards range from 2-10. Let’s discuss how the Ace is played. The Ace could be played as either 1 or 11; this choice depends on the value of the other cards as the ace card will determine how close the player can get his total value to 21. When the ace is played as 1 it is called a hard hand, and if it is played as 11 it is called a soft hand. Many players use the Ace to play the soft hand because this will not lead to a bust, while the hard hand can lead to a bust. A better knowledge of this strategy will be understood when you play the game. You can enjoy the thrill of black jack online by visiting our website.

The Play

blackjack strategyThe game starts with all the players placing their bets. When this has been done, every player is dealt two cards. The players then get a chance at a “hit”, this is the term used to describe a lucky draw with the probability of drawing a card that has a value that will increase the chances of a player winning. The option to partake in a “hit” is voluntary as some players who already have good chances of winning with their initial two cards will not need to add a third. This is called a “stay” or “standing pat”- when a player does not take a “hit”. The dealer continues to draw cards until he gets to a hard 16 hand, but if it has to exceed a 16 hand, the dealer must “stand pat” at 17.

  • Getting 21

Every player will wish to get an Ace card and a face card as this is equal to 21. This is what makes a hand. We know that this lucky combination happens every 20 hands and it is an automatic win for the player who gets it. A hand like this will give the player a payout in the ratio 3:2, this is more than the regular 1:1 and the player will enjoy this privilege if the dealer does not have this hand.

  • Splitting Pairs

A splitting pair is the situation where a player has been dealt the two initial cards and they are of the same value. If this happens, the player can play these cards separately as two different hands. This can continue as long as it keeps happening to a player, but this is subject to the rules of the casino. A player can have as many as 3 or 4 splits when they keep getting same cards of the same value. If the two cards are Aces, the player will not will be allowed to only use one Ace to draw a hand.

  • Doubling Down

This happens when you place a double bet on the first two cards you are dealt. If you choose to do this, you will be allowed to draw an extra card for every bet you place. The strategy used here is to double down when you have a hand that cannot be busted, it can also be used when your dealer has a hand that can be busted.

  • Surrender

In this move, you will be allowed to give up your cards and draw another card. This is allowed only if the rules of the casino permit it. The consequence of surrender is that you will lose half of your bet which is a better gamble than losing everything.

  • Insurance

Insurance is used as a precaution to save some of your bet when the dealer gets an Ace card face up. The casino offers players this insurance when this happens. If you choose to take the insurance, you will put up half of your initial bet and you will get a payout of ratio 2:1 if the dealer gets a black jack. Using insurance is not recommended as you will be wasting your bet. I will advise you to reject any offer of insurance.

More Tips on Playing Black Jack in Malaysia Online Casino

To enjoy better payout when you play the game of black jack, it is important that you understand the rules and various strategies of the game. There are other strategies used during the game other than the ones we have discussed here. The game play however is played the same way in and other Malaysia online casinos. The variations might be clauses included to make the game even more interesting. You should always cease the opportunity to carry out more research to find out more about the amazing game blackjack.