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Poker Games Online in Malaysia

Online Poker is a classic of gambling, played in many cultures, and ignored by none.

Through this game, the strongest hands win, and with the strongest hands, you absorb the heightened bets made by your friends! With over 40 years since the appearance of Poker, we believe it’s time for this game to impact Malaysian grounds!

The game’s age means that many versions have appeared through time, and many rules depending on location.

Regardless, it is a universal game approachable by all!

How to Play Online Poker Game in Malaysia

Poker game is quite easy to play, and the following will brief you on the basics of the game style.

texas holdem pokerEach player starts with 5 cards that are drawn randomly.

You can choose to keep or get rid of those cards as you wish. ‘Jacks or Better” is the most played online poker variant, and the one with the lowest learning curve.

It is based on attempting to get as many jack pairs as possible.

If a pair of jacks exist after drawing, the player wins. Payouts of course differ depending on the hand of the player.

Online Poker Game Rules

  • Bet: This is done in clockwise fashion.
  • Call: This is where the player matches the bet of the previous player.
  • Check: This is done where there is no wager.
  • Raise: This is where a player places a bet higher than that of the previous order.

You can learn more Poker game rules here.