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SCR888 2017 Slot Games – Popular Gambling Game in Malaysia

SCR888 Casino Malaysia has an extensive history for being a common pre-digital casino, operating through underground kiosks (so-called “Kedai Mesin” in Malay).

With the rise of gaming through mobile phones, the SCR888 Casino Malaysia has not shifted towards fulfilling the mobile demands, becoming one of the hottest games in the gambling niche.

In fact, the SCR888 has an android version of the game, in addition to a newly released IOS version, allowing gameplay on iPhones for as long you need to!

SCR888 Malaysia, Flexible Betting Platform with High Winning Payout

With many casino games out there, it is best to give a list of reasons on why this specific game should be approached.

As a first rule, the platform is convenient and centralized for all SCR888 Malaysia players.

The game is easily downloaded, and is absolutely free.

There are SCR888 casino Android and SCR888 download for PC available.

As a second point, this game provides one of the highest payouts of all SCR888 Malaysia casino games, adding an element of heat to the competition.

On top of that, here’s a few SCR888 playing strategies to increase your winning possibility:

  • Choose the casino with highest payout.
  • Pick a playing style.
  • Set your earning objective.
  • Join loyalty program.
  • Progressive jackpots only pay on maximum bet.

Free SCR888 Casino Bonus and SCR888 Free Game Credit

The slot collection of games for SCR888 Casino is continuously being upgraded.

scr888 free playThis is seen with the official online SCR888 slot games,, which offers alluring bonuses during gameplay to give you more ambitions towards winning the game!

Of course, you can play the SCR888 live casino too without money on free test features, using credit!

SCR888 Casino Download – The Most Stable Online Betting System

A primary factor of success is that Malaysia SCR888 2017 slot games has an extensive interest in expanding its online services, where a lot of investments have been poured into the game’s IT structure.

As a result, this has made it one of the most successful platforms out there, rivaling SKY3888 Casino Malaysia.

This is of course in addition to the high jackpot payouts offered on the game.

With the game, you can win thousands of ringgit cash coins on your smart phone! If you wish, you can start of also with a free bonus!

You’d have to sign-up in order to take advantage of that!

Check out SCR888 game download here. There are SCR888 download for PC and SCR888 casino Android available.

How Do I Make Money from Playing SCR888 in 2017?

Yes, many people might feel skeptical about making real money from a mobile slot game downloaded on your smartphone but this is real. You will make real money by playing the mobile version of the SCR888.

We earlier mentioned that the SCR888 is the easiest mobile slot game that promises huge payouts in Malaysia, we should discuss how this actually works.

I should let you all know that I have personally won a record RM30, 000 in just one day, this is an outstanding winning record and what is even more exciting is that I won this huge payout with a small deposit of just RM100. This means that you too can use your great gaming skills to make even more while playing the SCR888.

I have included some useful tips that can be used to win big while playing SCR888 slot games.

Your slot game choice should always be the most popular

There are very many slot games and many people will confirm their preference for specific games. Other people will have some form of attachment to particular games that they have won huge payout from previously. As a new player, you should choose only the popular slot games.

There is a good reason why I have given this advice, I have long realized that popular slot games share higher profit percentages due to the high number of bets placed for these games. This is not the case for the less preferred slot games available in the market.

This is my favorite all-time list for the most popular slot games available on SCR888:

  1. Highway Kings
  2. Great Blue
  3. Dolphin Reef
  4. Wong Choy
  5. Cherry Love
  6. Wukong (Monkey Story Plus)
  7. Thai Paradise
  8. Monkey Thunderbolt
  9. Safari Heat
  10. Captain’s Treasure

There are higher chances of hitting the mega progressive jackpots when there are more players for a particular game.

You must only play slot games with the Authorized SCR888 Agents

This is important to not because you will lose your deposits if you play with unauthorized SCR888 agents.

There are other agents who offer SCR888 only for small payouts, in this case a player who wins big will not be able to claim his earning because these agents will simply scrap that platform and create another.

There are only advantages to be enjoyed when you play with a fully registered and authorized SCR888 agent. You can see a comprehensive list of the authorized SCR888 agents by visiting

Winning tips for SCR888 players

This is actually a frequently searched for information on the popular search engines in Malaysia this year. While some lazy people have attempted to hack slot games other have studied the system critically with the hope of finding a glitch with which they can influence wins in their favor. These are futile actions because the games are well secured.

You should refresh this page very often because we will keep posting winning tips for our players out there.

Claiming your free SCR888 credit

The SCR888 free credit in year 2017 is actually an opportunity given to Malaysia players who wish to try out the slot games before committing themselves with a deposit. Many players however don’t know how to take advantage of this offer.

The free credit bonus is offered to new players by online casinos as a form of encouragement for their initial interest in online casino games.

The received free credits can be used to place bets for SCR888 without any actual deposit and if you are lucky, this free play might just earn you a huge payout.

Not all online casinos offer the free credit; you are in luck because we do. To claim your SCR888 free credits now please click here.