Check STC 4D, Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep Results Online

Predicting future is not something which can be done by everyone.

People need knowledge for this purpose. Just like that, predicting a lucky number for lottery required you to have some data and information on the bases of what you can comes up with a lucky number.

That is the reason why people check past and current results of lotteries contents.

sandakan 4dIf you are in Malaysia and aware about different lottery games of Malaysia then you must be hear about 4D lotteries and other lotteries which has same format and prize structure. Here i am talking about STC 4D, Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep.

These games are more than just winning the prizes because one lottery ticket only cost RM1 which means that in case if you lose and your predicted lucky number did not get selected for the prize, then you did not lost much but only RM 1. This is the reason why lottery like STC 4D, Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep are famous in East Malaysia.

Like other lotteries, it is very necessary for the players of STC 4D, Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep to check STC 4D result, Sabah 88 results and Cash Sweep result today to predict lottery number. Although, predicting a number is one of the main reason behind checking STC 4D result, Sabah 88 results and Cash Sweep result today but for most gambler it is very necessary to keep themselves update with these results so they know about their winning and can buy the lucky number for the next draw.

There are different ways through which you can check the latest STC 4D result, Sabah 88 results and Cash Sweep result today.

One of the easiest way is to get the result from the dealer who is selling the lotteries but this could be time taking process while dealers themselves did not get the details about lucky draw on time because the lucky draw does not tool place at their location and they wait for the results as well.

sabah 88 4d resultThe second way through which you can get updates about STC 4D result, Sabah 88 results and Cash Sweep result today is to use internet. There are number of websites which has been created for this purpose only.

But not all of them provides the latest and instant update about STC 4D and other games results on time. Finding a legit website could be difficult for the newbie while relying on any random website which claim to provides STD 4D, Sabah 88 and Sawarak cash sweep results would not be goo idea.

I am also playing all these lotto games since many months. For instant results of lucky draw I prefer to visit 4DResultClub because it does not only provide you updates about latest 4D results and results of different related games but also provides you data of historical results which can help you to pick a lucky number for next lucky draw.

All You Need to Know About STC 4D, Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep

4D is one of those lottery in Malaysia which has been played legally all over the country.

It is not just famous because of high prizes, weekly draws and multiple prizes even for the non-winners. The main reason which makes 4D lottery popular is its legalization because gambling is not really legal in Malaysia until it has been authorizes by the government.

That’s why people in Malaysia who want to win prizes love to play 4D lottery games. But this is not it because due to popularity of 4D lottery, there are many sub games has been introduced by approved and authorized companies who organize 4D lotteries. The sub games of 4D which are related to 4D in term of rules and prizes includes STC 4D, Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep.

As the name of games suggest you that they are related to 4D lottery but limited to some area of Malaysia. For example the Sabah 88 is more played in Sarawak which is a state of Malaysia where the lottery game called Sarawak Cashsweep is more played in Sarawak.

The purpose of including name of region or state is to attract more people to lottery game otherwise if you compare them with 4D, you won’t found much different in rules and number of prizes.


The draws for STC 4D took places on three days of each week on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

There is no draw has been held on other days but you can purchase STC 4D lottery tickets on non-draw days as well. The minimum age to play STC 4D is 21 years old.

A winner who won a STC 4D lottery but his age is under 21 will not qualify for the prize. You can bet on 4 consecutive draws from the draws at a time. There are total 23 prizes which includes the first prize of RM 2500, second prize of RM 1000 and third prize of RM 500.

There are 10 special prizes of RM 180 where 10 consolation prizes of RM 60 as well. There are three special prizes for small forecast which are RM 3500 for first winner, RM 2000 for second and RM 1000 for third winner.

You can check STC 4D result online at

Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep

sarawak 4d resultSabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep are quite simple in term of roles and prizes.

They both has 23 prizes but there is different in the amount of cash prizes. If you are playing Sabah 88 4D, then you must keep in mind that there is 15% sales tax you need to pay to government of Sabah on your winning and also the minimum age for playing this lotto is 21 years.

The rules for Sabah 88 and Sarawak Cashsweep is same as playing 4D in other parts of Malaysia except in the difference in the amount of cash prizes.

The odds of winning in Sabah 4D did not just have 23 winning prizes but also had 23 other prizes for odd of winning which ratio is 1:435

You can check the 4D result 88 and Cash Sweep result today at